13 August 2006

Gimme Your Stuff! coooooool

Okay this is sweet!! What an awesome idea!! "Swap items of significance to your area with items from others around the world." Cool!!

So I'm in central Illinois (midwest) in the USA. I can do pretty much anything - "arts/crafts, books/magazines, candy/food/drink, clothing, music," etc. ...Stamps, postcards, travel/souvenir type stuff, toys, cosmetics, whatever.

The things that top my list are:

1) MAD magazines (current or old - i.e., France and Germany stopped but I'd still like to see theirs), primarily Australia's
2) anything with historical or cultural significance to the originating location
3) stamps, postcards, stationery

...Umm... Anything "the locals" think is da bomb. lol It's too bad that money can't be sent because I'd LOVE to have more foreign money than the whopping two or three pieces I already have, lol...

Oh, and in the cosmetics department, I'm always drooling over the things Lancôme distributes overseas - like stuff I see in the Moodie report? www.moodiereport.com Oh man, if I could shop in Tokyo, Thailand, the Philippines, France, England, and anywhere in Oceania, hoo boy would I be in Heaven. lol

Actually, not just Lancôme either - also Estée Lauder, Clinique, MAC, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, Benefit, Stila, Agnes B., Philosophy, etc.

Anyway email me, and let's see what we can come up with. JEPRomans828@aol.com

Gimme Your Stuff